The BackDoor Bible Series: A Lesson Series for Youth (14-40)

# Lesson Title Objective
100 The Kings Son Help us realize that we all deserve death but God loved us so much that he sent his only son (Jesus) to take our place so that we might live.
101 A Sense of Belonging Help us let go of the worlds model of belonging and recognize God’s model for acceptance and take hold of it.
102 The Cost of Following Jesus Help us realize that there is a cost (at least in a worldly sense) to being a Christian
103 God’s Concern for the One Help us realize that God is concerned for the wayward, wants us to return, wants to forgive and to restore us.
104 The Value of Faith Help us realize that our ability to have faith in God is very valuable to God and that he works to develop it in us.
105 The Lost Scriptures Help us realize that being committed to God includes being committed to staying in Gods word.
106 A Test of the Mind Help us realize how important it is to manage our thoughts according to Gods guidelines.
107 An Eternal View Help us realize that we are already eternal beings and how this concept affects how we will live our life on earth.
108 Of Power and Strength To help us realize that God’s words are very powerful and effective because He is behind them.
109 Effective Prayer To help us understand how to pray effectively and deal with requests that do not appear to be answered.
110 A Tempting Situation To help us realize how temptation and our sinful nature combine to lead us into sin and understand how to resist.
111 That Hideous Doctrine To help us understand the nature of eternal punishment and what God says about it.
112 My Real Home To help us understand the nature of heaven, a believers real home.
113 The Enemy To help us understand the nature of Satan and his mission against God and mankind.
114 The Alternative to the Struggle To help us realize that Jesus offers an alternative to the struggles of life that make us weary and heavily burdened.
115 Origins of Faith To help us realize where the ability to have faith in Christ comes from.
116 The Imminent Return To help us understand that Jesus can return at any moment.