The "Schooling" of Water : A Series of Short Stories for Older Children

# Story Title Objective
531 "Beth" the Pool of Bethsaida A pool of water learns what true healing is all about as Jesus heals the lame man. This helps children understand that God has compassion on the sick and we can ask him for healing
532 "Nellie" the River that turned to Blood The great river of Egypt tells the story of the Exodus and what it learned from it to help children understand that God does not want us to strive for control of others and treat them as unimportnat.
533 "Erythrias" The sea that was parted . A Sea is Gods chosen instrument of destuction of the Egyption army during the Exodus to help children understand why God protects some from the forces of nature while he allows it to destroy others. This lesson deals with Gods sovereignty.
534 "Hinder" the Sea that turned Jonah around A Sea partipates unknowingly in Gods redirection of Jonah and in doing so learns his own lesson. This story helps children to learn to get joy from watching people be helped and not from watching people get crushed.
535 "Kinnor" the Sea God used to teach the disciples to be fishers of men A Sea learns where the true ability to be succesful comes from even when everyone else was failing . The story also helps children undertand God wants them to use Gods way to care for other people who needed to hear the message of Jesus.