Understanding God - a Lesson Series for Adults based on J.I. Packer's book, "Knowing God".

# Lesson Title Objective
200 All Lessons  (230K) Help us understand who God is and what he wants from us.
201 A Wonderful Purpose Help us realize that God has a wonderful purpose for each one of us.
202 The Old Scriptures Help us realize why the Bible is relevant today and still valuable as the fundamental source of information about God.
203 Images of God Help us realize that we tend to build images of God from the images we use in worship that may actually obscure God
204 God is not Santa Claus Help us realize that God is a being, not a principle and His actions toward us are directed by His will, His emotions as well as by our actions.
205 The Fields of God Help us realize that God has had a purpose in the creation of the world and its inhabitants and He has given us the Bible to help us understand what it is.
206 The Jealous God Help us realize that peoples response to God has always been important to God. He looks upon his Church as a new Bride.
207 At Arms Lenght Help us let go of the pristine Christmas manger scene and grab hold of the implications of the Creator becoming a man ..
208 What Makes Someone Great Help us realize that the Incarnation was God's way of coming along side of us and a response to it is required from all.
209 From Anger to Favor Help us understand the concept of propitiation and the implications of the Atonement.
210 The Narrow Gate Help us realize that accepting Jesus as savior involves quite a bit more than just believing who he is.
211 The Adoption Help us realize that God wants more that just to save us from our own sin, he wants to adopt us as sons and daughters.
212 The Work of the Spirit Help us To understand what the Holy Spirit is like, what He does and why it is important.
213 These Inward Trials Students realize that God does not intend the life of a Christian to be without difficulty but through difficulty prepares us for Him.
214 A Way of Seeing To understand the essence of spiritual wisdom. What it is, what to do to gain it and how to know when you have got it.
215 Our Unfailing Hope To realize that God has always been and will continue to be adequate for each of us despite the nature of our earthly life.