The Messages of Stones : Another Series of Short Stories for Children

# Story Title Objective
511 "Eugene" the stone that covered the Well at Babel A stone witnesses the building and demise of the Tower of Babel to help children understand that God does not us to become to impressed with our own abilities
512 "Bethany" the stone who saw heaven The stone Jacob slept on when he saw heavens gate helps children understand that the things of this world can become so focused on that they obscure heaven and the message of Gods word.
513 "Gil" the stone that witnessed real power. A stone from the middle of the Jordan riven witnesses the destuction of Jericho to help children understand that real power is not found in earthly ways but in God and obedience to Him
514 "Aaron" the stone that loved miracles too much A stone witnesses the temptation of jesus to help children realize that God does not do miracles on demand to defend his existance and that Gods word is a miraclulous source of life in its self.
515 "Phil and Stan" the stone columns that Samson was chained to A stone listens to Samsons story to help children understand that their choice of friends can affect their judgement, interfere with their relationship to God and even ruin their life.
516 "Plato" the stone that wanted to know the meaning of life A stone witnesses Jesus' prayer in Gethsamene and learns what is really happping in this world we live in. (this story is more complex than others and may not be suitable for younger children)
517 "Ceaser" the stone that loved parades. A stone witnesses the Triumphal Entry of jesus to Jeruslaem (and will again). It helps children realize that the gentile man who refused to show his power that day is the king of the universe and wants to be the Lord of their life too.
518 "Durwin" the stone that loved to watch ER. A stone witnesses the murder of Antipas, a biblical character briefly mentioned in Revelation 2, who was killed for his beliefs. The story is fiction created soley from cultural research on the church at Pergamum and has as its objective to help children understand the loyalty that true friendship creates.
519 "Tommy" the stone that loved to tell stories. A stone witnesses the resurrection of Jesus to help children realize that the story of the resurrection still is the greatest story ever told and the gate to the greatest city there is and ever will be.
520 "Flash" the stone that learned faith the hard way. A stone witnesses Gideons call and triumph over the Midianites help children realize that God can use even the smallest of us when we have faith.