The Journey of Trees : A Series of Short Stories for Children

# Story Title Objective
501 "Webster" the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil A tree witnesses Adam and Eve's first sin to help children understand why death entered the world and why we need Jesus today.
502 "Spinaker" the Tree who became the Manger A tree witnesses Jesus birth to help children understand the awesome miracle of God becoming a man and what a precious gift Jesus was.
503 "Evan" the Tree who became the Cross A tree witnesses Jesus death to help children understand what happened when Jesus died on the cross and what that means for us.
504 "Sid" the Sycamore Tree A tree witnesses Zacheus's repentance to help children understand the concept of repentance and who Jesus really is.
505 "Thicket" the Tree who caught the Ram for Issac A tree witnesses Issacs near sacrifice to help children understand how important Abraham and Issac thought it was to Obey God.
506 "Murray" the Tree the Door of the Ark was made from A tree witnesses Noah trust God despite being ridiculed for building the ark to help children undertand how important it is to trust God depite what other may say.
507 "Oswald" the Tree that became Moses and Aarons Staff A tree becomes an instrument of God power in saving the Isrealites from Egypt. Helps children understand Gods mighty power is often demontrated through the small and weak.
508 "Selma" the mast of the ship in which Jesus calmed the storm. A tree witnesses Jesus calming the storm on the lake to help children understand that God protects his children in the midst of difficulties that appear to overwelm us.
509 "Sheldon" the Tree that Loved the Prodigal Son. A tree learns of the love of the Prodigal Son's father and also witnesses his return to help children understand the way God loves us.
510 "Raphael" the Tree of Life. A tree witnesses Jesus leading his children into heaven to help children understand what heaven will be like.