Gliding on the Spirit 



Overall Goal and Overview:


 To teach kids how ride the Holy Spirt through life and get the most uplift in times of difficulty. This is a multi-session series with an activity that is prepared for during the series and done at the end of the series. Each lesson is defined below focused on a different aspect of tieing in to the Holy Spirits power. Each 1—15 minute lesson has a story , a scripture reference and a key message.   Stories in each section are either from scripture, a hyper-linked reference or included as appendices at the end below.




A PineWood Hang Gliders competition .Plans are available at  as a download for about $30.


Lesson 1: The Concept



Focus:  Jesus gave us the Holy Spirit for a reason


Story:  Wilbur, The Secret Service Agent (See Appendix A in this document)


Scripture:  John 16:7-15 , Eph 1:13-14


Key Message: The Power of the Holy Spirit is available to us personally yet He is an invisible quiet person who we can easily not see and ignore. So we have to learn how to talk to and listen to Him and what to expect in sdifferent situations.



Lesson 2: Do you have your “Harness” on ?


Focus:  Salvation Emphasis


Story:   The possed man in Acts ….


Scripture:  John 3:16, John 3:36


Key Message: Trying to use the Spirits power without being saved results in freefall and freefall ends with major pain.



Lesson 3: Do you know how to work the “Guide Wires” ?


Focus:  The Spirit reponds to what types of prayer


Story: See our lesson: Effective Prayer from the Youth Series


Scripture: Matt 6:5-14, Matt 21:22 & 26:39, Luke 11:5-13, James 5:15-16


Key Message:  The spirit responds to the requests of those who are righteous, ask with right motives and have confidence that the Spirit will act.





Lesson 4: Lift over Lies and Ignorace


Focus:  Truth


Story: Use or Lesson – Origins of Faith from the Youth Series


Scripture: 1 Cor 2:15, Eph 1:13-14 , Luke 10:22, John 6:65


Key Message:

 Our Faith guide is the Holy Spirit, without his influence we couldn't believe any truth from God.



Lesson 5: Lift over Temptation and Sin


Focus:  Avoiding Temptation


Story:  See our lesson: A Tempting Situation from the Youth series


Scripture: Matt 4:1-11, Rom 8:5, Heb 2:18. James 1:13-15, Isa 14:13-15


Key Message:  You resist temptation with the help of the Holy Spirit by stopping the cultivation of evil thoughts. You do this by following these steps.

  1. Listen to the little voice that reminds you what Jesus thinks about what you are considering. The little voice is the Holy Spirit if what is says agrees with Gods Word. (John 16:8)
  2. Learn what is sin and what is not.(Gal 5:19-26) Learn about the traps and then Agree with God on what's right and wrong (1 Thess 5:19)
  3. Ask Jesus for Help - pray ! (James 5:1 & Luke 22:40)
  4. Flee! Get physically away from the situation tempting you - don't stay near it! (2 Tim 2:22)
  5. Resist Satan's way and decide to follow Gods way ( James 4:7) Submit your will to Christ. (Luke 22:42)




Lesson 6: Lift over Sickness


Focus:  Healing


Note: Since denominations vary on how to incoporate teaching on the Holy Spirits role in healing, this the place where you place your chuches particular teaching on the subject .



Lesson 7: Lift over Weakness and Fear


Focus:  Fear


Story: Use our Lesson “Oswald” from the Childrens Story Series


Scripture: Eph 6:10, Philippians 4:13


Key Message:


Our world is full of things that can make you worried and afraid. But our Saviour Jesus Christ is not just the man who died on the cross for us many years ago. He is also the Lord your God, the most powerful being in the universe.


Lesson 8: Lift over Bad Decisions


Focus:  Choosing the Right Friends / Relationships


Story: Use or Lesson Phil & Stan from the Childrens Story Series


Scripture: Story of Samson from Judges


Key Message:

Samson was unbelievably strong but he was also very weak. He was strong as an ox physically, but weak as a worm when it came to his judgment and choice of .  With friends around you might say things you normally  wouldn’t normally say or act different than you really are. Today, the desire to have a relationship   can interfere with a persons judgment and get in the way of our relationship with God just like it did for Samson. Samson's story is a warning for us. Don’t let any friend influence bad decisions that  can ruin your life and effectiveness for Jesus.



Lesson 9: Lift over Conflict


Focus:  Shrewdness and Innocence


Activity:  Have kids create their own icon or picuture of a creature that is a composite of a dove and a snake. Then have them share how such a compositie creature might behave. Look for them to recognize the snakes keen sense of evaluating approaching danger combined with the doves softness of response and ability to fly away.



Scripture: Matt 10:16-28


Key Message:


In conflict we are called to act from pure motives and with regard and respect for others yet we are also warned by God to be shrewd in dealing with those who intent to harm us staying clear of them.





Hold the PineWood Hang Gliders event. Plans and insturctions are available at for a small price. This event will act as a memory stake planting the concepts above in kids minds. When you read the event instructions you will see how it ties into the theme. Each focus area above can be labeled on the flying event car’s wing.



Appenix A: “Wilbur


Imagine you have been given the opportunity to be introduced to the President of the United States. No since he is the president , you might be really shy and decide to not say anything to him. You might like to ask all sorts of questions or ask him to do something with you,  but … you realize that since he is the president he might not want to do things with you. So you might therefore convince yourself to be happy a simple handshake and just be able to day “I shook hands with the President”.


Well tonight the president and his secret service agent are here. You see, the president doesn’t go anywhere without his secret service agent. By the way what do secret service agents do..??


-          protect.

-          Are inconspicuous

-          Guide president when there is trouble


Introduction : I would like you to meet the President of the United States. And his personal secret service agent Wilbur.


Now to to your surprise  the President gives you a hug rather than a handshake and begins at once to ask you questions about things of importance in your life. He tells you he has studied you, values you  and cares about you. And if that is not enough he tells  you he is going to go home with you and spend the week at your house.


Now during this week the president experiences how you live. At home He stands behind you and supports you when you talk to your parents, When you go to school, he goes with you and helps you with your work. He also hangs out with you during recess and talks with your friends and helps you keep safe from any kids that might want to beat you up.  When each day is over he sits down with you and discusses the problems of your life and then he shares his plans and concerns for the nation with you. WOW. Would that be cool!.. A whole week with the president


What would want the president to do with you.


 Well, finally when the week is over you go to  see him off at the airport.  And here to your surprise, he does something else. He  invites you to be part of  his government and help him with various things he needs done. An then if that were not enough, he add,s “and to help you and keep you safe, I am going to leave Wilbur his strongest  secret service agent with you to be your personal protector and helper.  


 So, How would that be ! How would that make you feel,  Privileged, Amazed, Important? Indeed this would be something to remember, something that might change your life and would surely change how you think of yourself. After all you have a relationship with the President and your own secret service agent.


As you and Wibur go home that day, you are really excited but as you begin to talk to Wilbur, you find out that he does not really speak out loud. Instead he just whispers into that little microphone he wears and you can’t really understand him. Then when you get home he disappears all the time and you look around and can’t seem to find him, so you yell his name and suddenly you realize he is right behind you. This startles you and makes you jump!…


 So you sit him down and ask him “ How am I supposed to use you to do the presidents work if I can’t understand you and how are you going to protect me if your always disappearing and not staying with me?


Now Wilbur does not appear surprised at the question and silently hands you a book. On the cover it says Users Manual (Instructions) for Secret Service Agents. Oh! Great you say and you take the book and head for your room where you open it and started reading and studying it. In fact you are so interested that you forget dinner and even fall asleep that night reading it. After all having a secret service agent is going to be great fun, if you can just figure out how to use him.




Kids, 2000 years ago God the creator came to earth as the Man Jesus and lived among us. Just before he left he told his disciples that When he left to return to heaven he left us a secret service agent, the Holy Spirit.


You see the Holy Spirit is placed inside those who Believe in Jesus as Gods son. An once inside you  he does all kinds of things




... teaches all things                                           John 14:26

... reminds us of Christ's teaching 

... tells of what's to come

... guides in truth                                                 John 16:13

... brings glory to Christ 

... testifies about Christ                                      John 15:26-27  also         

... speaks the word of God                                   Acts 4:31

... gives wisdom                                                  Acts 6:10

... strengthens & encourages                                Acts 9:31

... searches all things                                          1 Cor 2:10

... know thoughts of God                                      1 Cor 2:11

... helps us understand what God has given          1 Cor 2:12

... seals us                                                        2 Cor 1:22, Eph 4:30

... guarantees what is to come                 2 Cor 1:22 & 5:5

... enables belief & testifying                                2 Cor 4:13

... leads us                                                        Gal 5:8

... gives us power, love & discipline                       2 Tim 1:7



But he does them very quietly and you have to learn how to listen to Him and how to see him working and protecting you.


And just like Wilbur, there is an instruction manual you have to learn before you will be able to use him, and that manual is Gods Word the Bible. It teaches us how to be a Spirit Powered and protected Christian.


If you have accepted Jesus as you saviour and believe he is Gods only son, then he has already given you his spirit. Eph 1:13-14


Now its time for you to learn how to use him. Are you interested?