The Backdoor Author:

   The Backdoor Bible Series is published by Dave Klem and his wife Debbie. 2004 has been quite an eventful year as the Klem family has grown by one with the birth of Dave's first grand daughter and Debbies appointment to the board of directors at Phoenix Christian High School. We are still attending Bethany Bible Church in Phoenix AZ where Dave currently works with the childrens ministry and teaches an adult SS class. Dave has been working with youth and young adults for 23+ years and developed most of this material while serving in various teaching capacities. Dave is not really the author of this material, as the Holy Spirit is the one who teaches all things of God. Others Dave has worked with have also contributed including Debbie, Donna, Jeff, Ken and Larry. In this work, Dave has merely collected and packaged what the Holy Spirit provided. Indeed he would rather students read the Bible for themselves than learn it from him. But since God has blessed him with the gift of teaching, he makes these lessons available.

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