Articles and Research Papers

# Title Objective
301 If God is real then why is he hidden? To understand why God seems to have hidden Himself from man and why he created us in the first place.
302 Managing Stress To understand how to reduce stress in our life while at the same time motivating responsible behavior.
303 Who Is Jesus To help us understand who Jesus is and whether or not it matters today.
304 Paul's Process of Sanctification Offers a synopsis of how the apostle Paul saw the process by which people become Holy.
305 The Warnings of Hebrews Contrasts 3 perspectives on how the dire warning passages in Hebrews should be interpreted.
306 Church Growth Offers a perspective on chruch growth and its affect on congregations.
307 The Parable of the Vine Provides insight on understanding how the Parable of the Vine (John 15:1-6) would have been understood by the disciples.
308 The 7 Chruches of Revelation Provides historical perspcetive on the 7 chruches, a chart and a discussion of who the "overcomers" might be.
309 Eternal Security Provides perspective & defense for why we can be confident in the security of our salvation.